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Choppy speed on 2Mb Premier ADSL


Choppy speed on 2Mb Premier ADSL

I've recently been connected to the Premier 2Mb service and my speed while surfing is very choppy. Checking my ADSL router, I can see the following statistics:


Downstream Upstream
SNR margin 10.6 20.0 dB
Line attenuation 55.5 31.5 dB
Errored seconds 174 22
Loss of signal 2 2
Loss of frame 0 0
CRC errors 186 23
Data rate 2272 288 kbps

Looks like I'm 3.5 Km for the exchange, which isn't so good. I'm most concerned about the low downstream SNR of 10.6 and the errored seconds and CRC errors.

Anybody any comment on these numbers? I'm wondering if 2Mb is too fast for the quality of line I have.

Choppy speed on 2Mb Premier ADSL

For a 2mb line the downstream attenuation needs to be 43db or below, your line is closer to the 1mb limit of 60db. No offical SNR level has been given by BT generally 10db is borderline for a solid connection and better to be in the high teens or above.

I would say you need to get your line downgraded to a 1mb line, you could try some new filters sometimes this helps the SNR but normaly is doesn't help the attenuation level.

Choppy speed on 2Mb Premier ADSL

My exchange, Stratford, is due multiple upgrades over the next 2 months. Is this likely to help?

You mention changing the filter. Would replacing the BT socket faceplate with one with an integrated filter help?