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Checking email via phone securely


Checking email via phone securely

Was just looking into checking plusnet email via a phone over GPRS. I'm aware in general you send via the provider, but I'm concerned with checking the mail, and specifically security.
If I just configure the phone as pop3 ( or whatever) then I have the options no encryption, tsl, ssl. I don't really want to be sending my password / getting email plain and unencrypted over whatever network, especially abroad, so I want encryption. But I can't see anything for plusnet with respect to this. Has the pop3 (or maybe Imap4, that's also supported) got to be UNencrypted for plusnet?

I can see digging around the net mentions of certificates flying around for getting say gmail to work securely.

So - does plusnet support secure connections for that sort of mail, and if so, what are the steps? I've had a quick try with SSL on and although the phone can surf the net, it's not getting email. I'd imagine I might need a certificate anyway for this.

Anyone any idea? Understand my query?

Thanks in advance Smiley
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Checking email via phone securely

PN do not support secure POP3/SMTP/IMAP connections but it is something they are looking at as part of the security investigations currently being carried out. When of if it will be made available is unknown at this time.