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Changing to a business product


Changing to a business product

I've just started a business and I'm thinking of changing my broadband product to a business one.

Can someone tell me what the business equivelent of the premier plus option 1 is?

I've tried looking under the business sections but I cant find a product similar, or if I can it's the same price as the home package...which I dont understand.
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Changing to a business product

There is a 'small business account' at £19.99+vat but it has recently been changed to a 'Pay as you go' account and you have to pay extra for each 2gb that you use at about £2 a time.

Ive just asked to be upgraded to the 'Business account' at £34.99+vat which is the next step up and is probably MORE than premier 1 as it gives you 500gb webspace and is full inclusive.

Changing to a business product

and is probably MORE than premier 1 as it gives you 500gb webspace and is full inclusive.

WHAT !!! :shock:

I think you surely meant 500MB webspace.

I have never needed a business option but am contemplating getting one for possible changes in the future. I have had a good look round and PERSONALLY non of the plusnet business options suit my needs ( if I were to give an answer now ).

On the one hand the teleworker and small business options appear to be cheap but in my view are nothing more than expensive Home Max products ( same upload speed ) with the added bonus of having to pay for the extra bandwidth.
The business package is simply too expensive at about £40 a month.

But then as I say I havent been a business customer or have never had to deal with a business account and so may be missing a few things.

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Changing to a business product

To be honest, you should really look to another ISP.

PN give you practically nothing for the higher prices for the business products:

the e-mail is hosted on the same servers as for domestic users and hence is as reliable (or as unreliable) as for a domestic contract.

the web sites are hosted on the same servers as for domestic users, and again is as reliable (or as unreliable) as for a domestic contract.

In both cases, backups are you own responsibility and are not undertaken by PN.

The service numbers and mechanisms for business customers are the same as for domestic (although I gather that this might be changing), and service queries are answer by the same agents as for domestic - so the quality and speed of service is as good and as fast (or as poor and as slow) as for domestic users.

For the cheaper business products the ADSL is provisioned as the same as domestic (MaxDSL or LLU). For the more expensive ones it is provisioned as MaxDSL Premium - this does give you a higher upload speed, better contention and (slightly) speedier responses from BTW to problems; however, the wholesale cost of MaxDSL Premium charged by BTW to PN is only around £7, so not worth the price difference that PN charge the end user.

About the only real difference between PN's business products and the domestic ones (apart from price) is that the business ones don't have a clause in the T&C's prohibiting the use of the service for commercial purposes!

In general, however, I would suggest that you don't go for a bundled e-mail/webspace/ADSL deal from anyone but should go for seperate e-mail, webspace and ADSL providers. Not only does that give you a much wider range of choice and flexibility, it also gives you more resilience (a power failure at PN towers, as has happened, would knock out not only you access to the internet, but your customers access to your website and ability to e-mail you - on the other hand you would have to be very unluck if three different providers failed simultaneously).