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Changing product - advice please

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Registered: 24-07-2007

Changing product - advice please


I've been with Plusnet for several years now, originally using dial-up, then a few Broadband products, the first of which I took as an annual contract.

I'm currently on Plus, a service I've used for well over a year, but I'm thinking of changing to PAYG.

I'm hesitant about actioning the change, because the box doesn't appear to give me any alternative to taking another annual contract. This is obviously a legacy of the first product I took.

The terms and conditions state that a customer is rolled over onto a new annual contract unless he/she cancels 30 days prior to its expiry date. On the other hand, it's oft-repeated on these forums that after an annual contract expires,it converts to a rolling monthly one.

The problem is that changing account type using the automated process seems to give Plusnet an explicit request for a new annual contract, which would obviously incur high charges in the event of cancellation.

Could someone clarify that I'm currently on a monthly contract for my Plus account, and that I won't be committed to a year's service if I change to another type of account?

And is there any way to make the automated process show the true status of my monthly contract rather than a constant reversion to the annual account which I first agreed to?

Thanks for your help.