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Changing Packages

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Changing Packages

I'm currently on Broadband Premier Option 1. Since I spend most of my time at uni, and my family are very light users, this is overkill. I was thinking about switching to BBYW Option 2. Would there be a charge for this?

Would there be a charge to upgrade to Option 4 for the month or two I'm home from Uni and then downgrade to Option 2 again?

Also my grandparents are starting to make a lot of use of the Internet. They are on the old £14.99 4GB product. Would there be any charge for them to switch to BBYW Option 2 which would double their available peak allowance?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Changing Packages


There's no charge to downgrade to BBYW either from Premier or from PAYG. If you want to upgrade up to Option 4 then again there wouldn't be a regrade charge, although if you did it mid-month there would be a pro-rata fee to cover the difference in subscription charges for the remainder of the month.