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Change to Terms and Conditions - Confused


Change to Terms and Conditions - Confused

Just received the email about changes to terms and conditions.

Unclear as to whether I am affected by the idle time out.

As I understand it the service I am on is not listed as one which will have an idle timeout - but then neither is it listed in the ones which won't.

Could this be made clearer.


PS Why wasn't the T&C change only sent out to those affected. If you are not affected then that part of your T&C haven't changed.

Change to Terms and Conditions - Confused

Hi there,

I understand your confusion but your questions are answered in any number of threads already running on the forum.

Have a check around and post again if anything remains unanswered. Smiley

Change to Terms and Conditions - Confused

If the service you are on is not listed, then indeed, you are not affected (IE, it only effects you if your on Broadband Plus, or ADSL HomeSurf).

There are other changes to the terms of the products, which affect everybody. These include wording changes and other aspects that are listed in the summary of the email.

This is the reason it has been sent to everybody, as it effects everybody in at least some way.