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Change of Product?


Change of Product?

I'm currently on Premier £21.99 tariff at the moment and using about 4GB a month for gaming and web.

I'm thinking of moving to the 4GB Pay As You Go, as I don't think I am using it to it's potential.

Can anyone envisiage any problems doing this? Is it the right thing to do as my usuage is decreasing, not increasing.
Will I be charged a regrade fee? I have been with PlusNet for about 3 years or so.
Also, is it true PAYG has the highest priority as PN say,m and I quote: "you are paying for what you get"?

Also, I suppose I will lose my 4 static IP's?

Thanks in advance.
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Change of Product?

See Jelv's excellent post on this subject;

As PAYG also has a static IP address so you should not lose them, but I would check by asking support directly with a ticket.

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Change of Product?

I'm pretty sure that IP blocks are available under PAYG.

If you go straight to 4GB PAYG will be charged a regrade. If you go to 12GB PAYG and then drop to 4GB a month later you will avoid the regrade fee.
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Change of Product?


Have moved over to the 12Gb and will probably chose the 6GB just incase...

Thanks for the help - it is appreciated

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Change of Product?

Yep, the IP block should remain the same on that type of change. You'd only lose an IP block if you move to Broadband Plus, a single IP address would change if you moved between business and residential accounts or to Broadband Plus (or from an old Home Surf account).