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Cease Due Today


Cease Due Today

CAn someone from CS plaease tell me if my cease is going to go through today as promised as stated

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now closed Question number [ 20211078 ].

The following comment was added to the Question
Dear Mr Fuller,
We have now raised a cease on your line due for completion on: 19/09/06



I contacted CS this morning but have not recieved a responce. I knew this was going to happen. Please answer my question or I will unfortunately have to contact ofcom in the morning.

Ihave also cancelled my Direct Debit with you as you have taken payment.

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Cease Due Today


The order is still set for completion for the 19th.

Whilst I appreciate your frustration, I really can't see how OFCOM are going to help you with a delayed cease order, should that be the case.

Cease Due Today

Thankyou James for the quick responce. I am frustrated as having talked to Ofcom, they told me that the maximum time from a requested cease on your account to the actual cease taking place should take no longer than 15 days. I requested the cease on the 2nd of September. If what Ofcom say is true i am 2 days overdue for my cease. I apolagise if the information they have gave me is incorrect.