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Capped Speeds


Capped Speeds

First of all I'm a complete noobie here but over the weekend my broadband suddenly went down to 125kbps. Yesterday and today it has been up at 240kbps. I have read about weather been a cause of slow sppeds (and it has been quite bad here) and BT capping certain lines because of sync problems and I just wondered if anyone here has had similar problems?

Prior to the weekend it was working fine at 1.5mb (a poor speed i know, but it is all my line will support!) and had entountered no problems

Any responses appreciated.

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Capped Speeds

Hi there,

Can I ask you to have a read of this as I think it should shed some light on the problems that you're seeing:

Basically, your router or modem keeps on "resyncing" with the exchange at low speeds. This then causes BT to lower the profiled speed on your line, which is then recalculated after 3 days. The last resync events I can see on your line are 288, 160, 160, 160 & 288Kbps. To try to improve this, I'd recommend trying to use a different microfilter and ensuring that you are connected to your master socket.

Let me know how you get on.

Capped Speeds

Thanks James

It all works as normal now.