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Cant get no migration satisfaction


Cant get no migration satisfaction

Having grown tired of the confusion and lack of clear communication surrounding what Plusnet were going to do to get me back onto IP Stream after moving me to LLU (theres a long story here involving MAC keys and Ofcom) I wrote to them stating my displeasure to its fullest extent - not least of all at having to go through a cease and reprovide that will leave me without internet for days just do I can use the MAC I paid them for weeks ago.

I received a shirty email back telling me that everything had been made clear to me already (it hadnt in fact at any point) and that Plusnet by ordering a cease and reprovide were going 'out of their way' to help me. Im quite annoyed by this, as I see it I get to complain to a company for messing me about and giving me a lousy service, I dont think they get to complain back to me for the inconvenience of me being one of their customers. I was also slapped down in my request for a manager to call me.

There were some choice bits Id love to cut and paste here but at the end it said this:

"Please be advised that if you publish any part of this or any Contact
Us thread, you may not include the contribution of any of our members of
staff without first seeking their express permission; the forum
moderators reserve the right to edit or remove a post containing such
material" -

Does that mean I cant print what they said to me, I thought it was only if you mentioned the name of the agent?

Cant get no migration satisfaction

Hi there.

I'll attempt to clear up a couple of points here.

I can use the MAC I paid them for weeks ago

No-one pays for a MAC. They are free. Any payment was for outstanding contractural obligations only.

Does that mean I cant print what they said to me

I will clarify that the forum moderators, in keeping with the rules, determine what is published on the boards, not the CSC.

Contact us tickets can be published to the forum, providing they do not contain any reference to the CSC agents names or anything which would identify a Plus Net staff member.

Any ticket content which is or maybe subject to further dispute would also not be suitable for inclusion in the forum. Contnet which breaks the rules in any other way will also b removed.

Hope that clarifes the situation for you.