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Cannot check meails


Cannot check meails

I currently use thunderbird email client

At present the thunderbird is minimised.

I cant seem to access thunderbird...not sure why..i tried maximising it but no luck...tried reinstalling...done adware and virus scans...still no luck

Any ideas
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Cannot check meails

That doesn't sound too good. I use Thunderbird myself but have never seen that sort of behavour.

Did you reboot after uninstalling it, and before reinstalling it?

If that doesn't work I'd try backing up the following folder, then uninstall, delete the folder, reboot and reinstall.

C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Thunderbird\

Linux (and possibly Mac):

Cannot check meails

IVe tried all that...and it never worked...

I tried opening up outlook but the file extension outlook uses is .pst and it wotn work

so dont know what to do realy

got option to back up the folder and do a clean install but thats my last option