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Hi can anyone help?

I've been with PlusNet for 6 months on a monthly contract, but need to cancel because I'm moving to a place where I don't need broadband. I contacted to say I need to end the account on 30th March, and asked how I'll be billed as it's part way through my billing period. The reply was that I'll have to pay the full month (12th March to 11th April) beacuse I need to give 30 days notice. But I just gave way this, as it's only 20th Feb. Surely PlusNet can't expect everyone to move house to coincide with a billing date? Do I have to pay for time I don't have access to it? What can I do? Thanks for advice...
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when you signed up to PN you agreed to give them 30days notice when you wanted to leave so yeah unfortunatly you will be billed for a full month

23. Ending this Agreement

23.1 This Agreement can be ended by:

23.1.1 us giving one month's notice to you; or

23.1.2 you giving one month's notice to us.

23.3 If you give us notice that ends, or we end this Agreement under clause 20, during the period of the Agreement, you must pay us the relevant cancellation Charges set out in your Agreement.


On the flip side,

Although you will be billed and will have to pay for another full month, if you then move as per normal and dont use the connection you can then open a ticket to request a refund of the remaining days in which you havent used the connection or which werent inside fo the 30 day notice period.

When giving your 30 days notice make sure you ask them to change your account to a FREE PAYG account so that you can still use the ticket system and everything can be dealt with as little hassle as possible.



Thanks for replies, nice to know I should be able to get a refund, Cheers guys