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Cancellation and Migration


Cancellation and Migration

My sisters got the ADSL netstart self install has been using it for 17 month now she also has her website hosted with them, it all costs £32.89 a month. Shes wanting to cut costs as she only uses the internet to do a little surfing and pick her e mail up so shes going with another ISP and gonna have someone else host her website. Me been her bro have got the job of sorting it for her :roll: as its all jibberish to her :? . so im here with a few questions.

BTW she has just moved to a new property but kept the same telephone number and has not had Plusnet Move her Broadband to the new property yet because there gonna charge her approx £60 or wrap her into the 5 yr contract if they cover the cost.

1 Will she have to pay a cancellation fee (shes 5 months into the 2nd year)

2 She will be using ADSL to get online with her new provider, does she have
to migrate from +net to her new ISP (whats the score with migration)

3 Will she have to email all her customers with a new address or can the
plusnet address be migrated.

4 I will need to move her website to a new host. Any recomendations.

5 Im sure I will ask some more questions :lol:

Thanks in advance