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Cancel now while you still have a chance


Cancel now while you still have a chance

If ant new subscribers read this then cancel with PN NOW. My BB connection has been down for 24 days now and am totally p****d off.
You CANNOT get through to customer service/tech support, the only answer they give you when you raise a fault with them is "we are escalating to our service providers". I HAVE A CONTRACT WITH PLUSNET NOT THEIR SERVICE PROVIDERS!!!
That's IF they bother to update your fault ticket.
But the good thing is they keep billing you for the pleasure!
I am now in touch with TVs Watchdog and they have received many complaints about this company.
ps. doubt if this will remain here for long! Bad PR you know!

Cancel now while you still have a chance

Hi rwebster101,

Sorry to hear about your problems. Perhaps a better way around things would have been to raise your problems here to see what we fellow customers could have helped you with etc.

As it is you have adopted a posting method thats not helpful to others or yourself in the slightest. This forum is for support reasons and not a means to get a cheap dig at anyone.

Please feel free to create a new thread containing your issues in a sensible manner and others may be able to help. Although not an official means of support it has been proven that if posting in a sensible way you may even gain the attention of Plusnet comms to have a look into the issue and why its not moved along yet.

As it is I am locking this thread due to its unhelpful nature and lack of merit.