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Can you help this brain addled oldie

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Can you help this brain addled oldie

This is my usage for the last three months

Billing Period Peak usage Off-peak usage Total usage
10 May - 04 Jun 681.35MB 888.7MB 1.57GB
05 Jun - 04 Jul 551.89MB 769.45MB 1.32GB
05 Jul - 04 Aug 624.44MB 732.42MB 1.36GB

The following shows the pattern if my usage

Peak usage Off-peak usage Total usage
Web 41.8MB 51.97MB 93.77MB
Email 3.96MB 2.85MB 6.81MB
phonecalls 0KB 0KB 0KB
Gaming 9.23KB 0.89KB 10.12KB
Streaming 0KB 1.73KB 1.73KB
PlusNet FTP 0KB 0KB 0KB
Peer-to-peer 4.54KB 137.76KB 142.3KB
Usenet 0KB 0KB 0KB
FTP (non PlusNet) 0KB 0KB 0KB
Other 383.09KB 375.33KB 758.41KB
Total usage so far 46.16MB 55.34MB 101.5MB

Here is the email I received recently

News about your broadband service.

Your ADSL Home Surf broadband comes with a peak time usage allowance of 3GB each month. We're going to increase the peak time usage allowance you get to 20GB from today (1st August).

Your peak time usage allowance is the amount of data you can download or upload each month during peak hours of 4pm to midnight. There are no fixed download limits for off-peak usage.

This increase means your usage allowance is now the equivalent of our Premier broadband product. There is no change to your price or contract.

Current peak time usage allowance per month: 3GB


Any change to price or contract? No

This increase won't cost you any more or change your contract - it's a completely free upgrade. You'll be able to see your new allowance on the View My Usage pages from 1st August 2006.

There are 3 reasons that our costs are lower and we can pass the benefit on to you.

A) We’ve talked about our Broadband traffic management before; it is being developed all the time and is working to the designed levels. This efficient prioritisation of our network traffic means we can deliver the products we
advertise, use our underlying capacity fully, and still give everyone a good quality of service.

B) We have increased our overall capacity by moving over 12,000 customers to the Tiscali LLU network from the BT equivalent.

C) We have been looking at average usage levels and we are able to offer extra peak-time usage to customers with Premier, Plus, and Pay As You Go Basic.

Enjoy your extra peak time usage!

As you can see, I am not into downloading things like music files and haven’t got round to using my web space but might so in a minor way if someone taught me how.

Thing is I am wondering if I should regrade to another package, the HomeSurf costing £18.99 a month. I have tried to work out what I might lose/gain by doing so, but unfortunately the whole thing addles my brain.

Is some kind soul willing to help me. I contacted customer services once and tbh it was not much help.
No one has to agree with my opinion, but in the time I have left a miracle would be nice.

Can you help this brain addled oldie

If you don't download much at all, you might be better of using something like the PAYG or BB+ package, but if PN take that as a downgrade, they'll probably charge you £15 regrade fee, which would pay for almost 4 months on your current package (I think it's £15 pcm, so would be £4 cheaper).
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Can you help this brain addled oldie

Looking at your usage figures for the last 3 months, it might be worth looking at Broadband PAYG. It's £14.99 per month and includes 2Gb bandwidth which more than covers your monthly usage. If you need any extra bandwidth, it can be purchased for £1.50 per 2Gb.
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Can you help this brain addled oldie

Looking at your usage you could change to PAYG 2GB included for £14.99 per month with no loss of your present features. A further 2GB would only cost an extra £1.50.

There is also the possibility of changing to Broadband Plus but music downloads using filesharing would be very slow.

The downside is that the product downgrade would have a one off charge of £14.99 however having changed to either PAYG or BB+ you can change between them without a charge.

Either way have a look at this comparison and decide which are important to you