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Can't connect - any ideas pls?


Can't connect - any ideas pls?

I'm a new subscriber and although the synch light has been lit since Tuesday I am getting the 691 username/password error. I've tried connecting using as well as and am confident I've got the password correct. I can connect using the BT test Logon without any problems.

I called tech support and my ticket (9916750) has been closed with a msg saying that all should now be ok, but's it's still the same. I've opened another ticket but was wondering if anyone here has had the same problem and found it to be something with the configuration on their side rather than at plusnets?

I'm using the bundled Binatone modem and get the same problem when it's installed on my laptap. Both systems use WinXp Sp1.

Any help appreciated - I've waitied years for this and am not sure I can make it through the weekend with no broadband ;-)

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Can't connect - any ideas pls?

According to our systems your already connected successfully?



Can't connect - any ideas pls?

Speechless, I posted the ticket and being the impatient sort thought I'd post a message here to hurry it up a bit! In the time it took me to post the message the problem was resolved.

Fantastic support - many thanks!!

Gotta go play now - seeya Cheesy