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Can support please look at ticket 17758622

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Can support please look at ticket 17758622

I have just added to the ticket, I previously returned this ticket over 36hrs ago and have had no response. I don't know why that is, can someone explain why certain tickets seem to get bypassed by customer support ?

I have a noisy ADSL line, I jumped through all the possible permutations of kit, I have done everything that was advised to me by support, the line is still noisy, to the point that using it to make a phone call is becoming impractical, and often results in loss of the broadband connection.

I am pretty sure I have a line fault. I've changed phone, router (to a plusnet supplied speedtouch 716WL), adsl filters (3 of them). I'm doing this all at the master socket, there are no extension sockets or leads.

What else can I do to get this investigated by BT ?

Can support please look at ticket 17758622

if its noise on the analogue line, eg noise you can hear, I guess you should be reporting it to BT residential faults. Does it get better with your router\modem unplugged.
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Can support please look at ticket 17758622

By 'noisy ADSL line' do you mean noise on your voice phone?

Unplug everything except your voice phone.

Go off-hook and press 1, do you hear any noises or crackling. If yes, you need to report a voice fault with BT.

Also dial 151 and follow the instructions for performing a line test and see if it detects any line faults. If it does, carry on and report it to BT.

Are you using a normal phone or a DECT phone. if DECT, can you try with a normal phone and see if the problem persists. Some DECT phones don't work well with cheapo ADSL Filters and you need to buy quality filters to work with them e.g. Excelsus Z-420UK-A Dynamic ADSL Microfilter or the XF-1e Professional ADSL Microfilter

A noisy voice line can affect ADSL connections.

Can support please look at ticket 17758622

For what it's worth ...

I have had a similar problem - when I rang BT they told me how to determine if the fault was my equipment or their line.

Unscrew the plate which covers the main socket and you will see , to the right , the connection where it enters your house . Plug in your phone and/or modem here and see if the interference has gone.

For me it did , which meant there is a problem with the installation of the phone extension in another room. So now I get no voice problems ( but no phone extension either !).