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Can someone explain these "free" charges?


Can someone explain these "free" charges?

So I log on to my email today and see an initial payment of a whopping £39. This puzzles me as I distinctly saw a very visible "free setup" banner before I ordered anything, as well as going for the "free modem" option. The only thing I should be paying for is the initial £11.75 for a monthly contract. So I track the bill down and see:

1. Administration Charge: £11.75 <makes sense so far>
2. ADSL Initial Charge (Including Starter Pack): £21.99 <umm what's this??>
3. PnP: £5.99 <rip-off but fair enough>

Please explain to me what the ADSL initial charge is PlusNet? Is it the setup fee? If so how can you advertise "free setup". If its the modem then giving people the option to select "free modem" is a little bit, oh I dunno, a lie?? In any case, I am a student and for me a difference of 21 pounds is not something I can have a laugh about.

I was pretty impressed with PlusNet before this point, through the simple little things like the "order tracker" or the "exchange status checker", even these forums for that matter.

Now I am disappointed and I have'nt even used my ADSL yet. This is worrying. Can only wait and see now what other hidden "benefits" I have bought myself. Not a good start, hoping things will improve.


p.s. The 21.99 is not the initial subscription if anyone is thinking that. That's still coming up. £$^£^
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Can someone explain these "free" charges?

The £21.99 should be the first month's payment...

Can someone explain these "free" charges?


You are charged the administrations fees, PnP and first months ADSL, prior to actiovation.

You will not be charged the second monthly amount until 1 month after activation and not 1 month after you sign-up.

Can someone explain these "free" charges?

Well, as I said in my p.s. the order tracker has not yet reached the last point in the list which is:

"Once your activation is confirmed, your first subscription payment will be made"

The payment I have listed in the original post came under point 4:

"Your initial payment has been made"

So I'm assuming the two are different things. Am I missing something here? I feel like I am, but can't see it Smiley Thanks for a quick reply btw.

Can someone explain these "free" charges?

Good point.

The order tracker has been in place, prior to any of the free activation offers, thus doesn't display text in accordance with this.

The charges are indeed correct and will raise the order tracker with PlusNet, to see if the text can be amended somewhat.

Can someone explain these "free" charges?

Err.. Squiggleweasel, don't want to upset you but have you come across your 'deferred' setup and hardware charges yet?

try this thread...