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Can someone explain contention ratio?


Can someone explain contention ratio?

Am I right it thinking that at a ration of 1:30 30 people share a 2mb section of a line?

if so, if you stuck to your contention ratio, what should be your max downloads a month?

The way I'm under the impression it works is that on a 155mbps line, 30 people share every 2mbps of it, meaning that there would be around 2300 people on a 155mbps I right?

Can someone explain contention ratio?

2300 2mbit customers Yes

Although in reality, its not a strict 2mb allocation to a random set of 30 customers.

This is just the worst case scenario type idea. u can get 1:1 contention when ur downloading at 245k/s thats 1:1 downloading. but if the networks really busy, it could degrade down to 8.5k/s and thats 30:1 contention. Chances of this happening are unlikely.


All gold and silver traffic will most likely never reach this.
Bronze traffic can frequently hit this contention ratio though (bronze = p2p / usenet (after 15gig - on premier accounts))
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Can someone explain contention ratio?

I think your understanding is too simple.

See this thread, particularly the Kitz site.