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Can "they" do this

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Can "they" do this

It would appear me luck with plusnet has now ran out. Due to a pending house purchase having gone through i contacted plusnet to advise them of my change of address and that i would no longer require broadband from them.
Despite serveral attemps to try and explain that i didn't want to stay on and that it was nothing to do with the poor service that effects and graces these forums so often Plusnet refused to listen and tried to pursuade me to suspend my account for 3 months and re-join after this time.

Eventually i managed to drum it into them that i wanted to leave and would return of my own accord (a genuine statement up till today)

I have since had an e-mail stating that i now need to pay £47 for a Deferred Activation and £25 for the knock of BT router that doesn't even support the 8meg service i opted for.

I orginally took out the option 3 service which was the highest level of broadband you could get at the time costing around £23 a month.

I took out this service as i new i would be moving and liked the idea of not being tied into a contract and could leave at a anytime. Sadly on attempt to leave it would appear this isn't the case and although my broadband service has been acceptable the level of customer care, service and the way the product has been sold to me hasn't.

Can plusnet charge me approx 3 months service for leaving when i belive, and correct me if i'm wrong, but option 3 doesn't come under a contract or at least didn't when i took this service out.

PLease advise

Kind Regards

Stephen Entecott
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Can "they" do this

This sounds to me like you joined under the deferred activation and router offers, you either had the choice to pay for the activation (£47) and the modem (£25) up front, or defer them payable when you leave.
These were originally on your account for 5 years, reducing by 20% for each year you stay with us, however in April we reduced all the deferred contracts to 1 year so they are removed after 1 year.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff