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Can i upgrade Yet..?


Can i upgrade Yet..?

:?: can anyone tell me if i can upgrade yet as i'm in the dark Sad ...I have been on the Exchange status checker in usertools and my VP is green and my Port is green and has been since 24th March, but the Bt one is grey :? ...So does this mean i Can or can't upgrade.. :roll:

BT Exchange information,Ivan


The PN usertools website is helpful in many ways but it doesnt tell you about other aspects of your BT exchange. Specifically it doesnt tell you what services are running and which are not, here is another website which will hopefully provide the information you require about your local exchange.

IF you look through the site and look for the exchange checker, it will require either your postcode or phone number. Once provided it should tell you what kind of ADSL services are enabled or not as the case may be?

**Obviously if your exchnage is 2MB fully enabled then you might be able to consider upgrading. But check before you go ahead with any upgrade or regrade.

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Thanx ivn2mod

Smiley Thanx for the reply,will try.