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Can Plusnet restart DSL Max training?


Can Plusnet restart DSL Max training?

After a bumpy start with MaxDSL (my old modem connected at 4.4Mbit/s and kept disconnecting), I got a new Netgear modem and I now I connect reliably at between 5.5 - 5.8Mbit/s. I was able to download at good speeds.

Unfortunately, when Plusnet had the authentication problems recently, I decided to check that it wasn't the modem. Unfortunately, it synch'ed at a much lower rate and this has now affected the speed I can download. It seems to have reduced my BRAS profile.

Is there anyway Plusnet can restart the training process on my line?Otherwise, the speed will be artificially lowered due to the faulty modem.
When I raised a ticket, I was told that the BRAS profile could not be reset, but other ISPs say they can request that the training process is restarted.

I am well beyond my 10 days. If I leave it, will the speeds eventually increase?, as there are no signs of this yet.
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Can Plusnet restart DSL Max training?

Hang on

I thought we were told that ADSL would always adapt to the highest speed the line could support. I understood this to be a continuous process.

We were definately told at some point, that if the modem were disconnected for a period of time, then the training process would re-start.

Anyone know how this really works?
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Can Plusnet restart DSL Max training?


a little bloke with a whip and some modem biscuits is sent down the line to shout a few commands at your equipment until it can lie with a straight face. Cool

I'm waiting for my upgrade to start and I'm dreading it.Another 10 days of no gaming at least.

Sorry Mark,but I don't know.I just couldn't resist a dig at the new technology.

Can Plusnet restart DSL Max training?

It talks about disconnecting and reconnecting over three days here... .