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Can I bounce invalid email addresses


Can I bounce invalid email addresses

The only thing that has stopped be cancelling my PN service after my 8 year old daughter started receiving porn spam due to the webmail fiasco is that thankfully my 'real' domain forwards to PN mailboxes so I have simply deleted the existing ones and created new ones. As it was the PN email addresses getting the spam that seems to have resolved a lot of my new spam issues of the last couple of weeks.

At my domain level any email to an unknown domain address is bounced as undeliverable and even though I have turned off the catchall in PN the mail destined for an invalid PN address does not seem to get bounced.

Is there a way of doing this? not a huge problem but I would rather the mails where bounced.


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Can I bounce invalid email addresses

You should never bounce emails that are spam as it just adds to the volume already in existence. All you will do is bounce it back to a spoofed email address so someone else will just get it as well.

It should just be deleted.

You can arrange to blackhole your default/catch-all mailbox - see the email help under help & support for what to do.

Can I bounce invalid email addresses

Hi Peter,

Thanks for that, my catchall is setup already and a fair point about the bounces.