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CSC Update Discussion

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CSC Update Discussion


The moderator's have decided that it might be useful to sticky the following post made by James as it highlights a number of issues currently being raised on the forums and provides a reasonable explanation of what is currently being done to improve response times.

To avoid duplication, we would like to ask the community to check first if an existing thread is open on the subject you wish to discuss before starting a new one.

From here :
Hi there,

It's no secret that ticket response times are considerably down on what we would refer to as an acceptable level. When Ian posted his last announcement (he's currently working on a new one), ticket levels were practically non existent. I came in and did 8 hours on that Saturday and we had people from all different departments in, although they were obviously lured in by the promise of free pizza for lunch Smiley

We're working on a number of things to try and get the response times back to where we feel that they should be. Firstly, we're going through a recruitment process which is likely to take months rather than weeks. Previously, we tried throwing extra resources at this problem, which led to poor trained new staff coming in in tens, which essentially added to the problem. Now we're recruiting in bunches of two's and ensuring that staff are well trained and of a higher standard - we're offering higher salries than previously in order to attract higher quality staff, along with the existing staff members being given payrises as recognition of their efforts.

There's a number of automation fixes going on currently too. From my perspective, the one that will help most will be automated faults. Some clever person at BT decided to completely redesign their fault raising system. I used to be able to raise faults in 55 seconds, now I'll be lucky to get them done in under 10 minutes, which obviously will add to the backlog. Once we get this automation in place, this will help dramatically reduce the number of faults waiting to be raised, and obviously freeing up resources to deal with ongoing faults at the same time.

House moves. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! We're also working on a number of fixes to our processes here to ensure that this will work more effectively. Don't get me wrong, house moves with always be a nightmare, just because of how they are dealt with by BT, but as I'm sure you can tell from reading these forums, they are a common complaint, and one of the things that we are trying to smoothen, to reduce the number of complaints regarding them.
Kind Regards,
James Bailey /
PlusNet Customer Comms Co-Ordinator

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