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CS Please respond to questions 19993422 and 20238438


CS Please respond to questions 19993422 and 20238438

Like many other LLU users my connection has been faulty ever since I was transferred to Tiscli LLU.

Question 19993422 opened on 6 August was closed by Plusnet on the 7 September without the fault being fixed, after a 90 minute telephone call Plusnet cs accepted that this was a mistake and opened question 2028438 for me. The only thing done in the last 6 weeks is to alter my line profile twice, which has not fixed the fault. I have repeatedly uploaded graphs of my line showing the dropped packets and loss of connection every night.

Like most other customers moved from BT I had no such problems before my connection was moved. Over the last 6 weeks Plusnet and Tiscali have been unable to repair my connection, I therefore believe plusnet should return me to BT free of charge. Don’t laugh, but I’m losing patience after 6 weeks. Evil