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CS.Please look at my ticket 16929864


CS.Please look at my ticket 16929864

Is anybody here from Plusnet able to look at my ticket 16929864. I was given an ADSL commit date of 13.7.05 and an activation date of 14.7.05. This is yet to happen. i called CS yesterday to be told that BT have delays for the provisioning of ADSL, yet I've not read anything about delays on any other forums (e.g. ADSLforums)

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CS.Please look at my ticket 16929864

I've PM'd you.

CS.Please look at my ticket 16929864

also have same kind of problem.

my ticket number is 17029032
could i get a reply ASAP please.

BT cant be 3 weeks behind activating lines. thats a joke
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CS.Please look at my ticket 16929864


Your line was originally scheduled for activation 7th July. There have been some considerable delays on BT's side of late and for that I apologise. Having said that, I have not seen many instances whereby an order has been delayed to this extent due to increased workloads at BTP.

There has been no update on your order, however a member of our provisioning team is due to chase this with BT on Monday.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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