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CGI server dead


CGI server dead

Dear Plusnet,

(I am aiming this at the hierarchy of Plusnet who make the final decisions)

Tonight I logged on to check my website and 95% of the site is not accesible because the criticalmass server is non-active via http or ftp.

I check the service status at 22:25pm and there is no announcement. Lots of green lights.

I look at the contact us stats and the calls are waiting for 16 minutes according to the stats. I decide not to call as I know the answer will be "Sorry, we will look into that for you." and I don't need someone to tell me that when I have wasted 16 minutes of waiting time and clocked up a small telephone bill.

I have noticed that criticalmass is not very reliable at all lately. Somedays I have to wait over a minute for cgi/php scripts to load off my webpage which is obviously no good for an active website. I have reported this several times and I am told it will be looked at? Was it looked at?

What I would like to know, and Im sure lots of people have queried this before, is if Plusnet are failing to meet basic targets for provision of these subscription services like CGI/PHP/MySQL/Connectivity then is there some mechanism in place to receive compensation in some format or other, even if it is a discount of the monthly rate based on what problems have occured with that user?

Other companies do, BT, Swales, Welsh Water, British Gas, AOL, SKY and the list goes on.

Why is Plusnet different?

I'm sure somebody in Plusnet is actually actioning long term solutions for problems occuring and time will tell. I believe in listening to customers is top priority when running a business and reading through these forums, it seems that these problems are widespread and are not just an awkward customer.

It has taken me ages to build my website up with Plusnet and I am very reluctant to change provider now as it will mean a tremendous amount of work. Please can we see a little improvement Smiley

Thanks for your time
Steve Watkins
(Please sign my guestbook if the site works!)

RE: CGI server dead

Dear Customer

A problem with the cgi server was identified earlier which now seems to have been reslolved. All access to crictalmass should now be restored.



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