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CGI connection issues


CGI connection issues

Plus Net is fab, great service at home and fantastic facilities, that I am begining to use Cheesy . At home in the UK my family are happily surfing thanks to their PlusNET connection, while I am working in Spain. Part of my job is to create an impressive website, so I am using interactivity and I guessed that using the CGI facilities on Plus NET would be a great way to start. But after activating my CGI web space and reading through the helpfile to connect, trying to connect with i explorer, FTP commander and finally telnet unsuccessfully I knew I had a problem. For security reasons connections out of the Plus Net ISP domain are not allowed.

I am now in Spain for another month or so and would be so so happy if I could get into my CGI web space. I realise that the few cheecky, crackers who pose a risk must be considered in the service structure, but this means I don´t get a CGI connection Sad . Can I do anything to get connected, can I fill in security details to maybe get a second password or register my domain that I use here at work :idea: ?

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CGI connection issues


Unfortunately we don't at present have the ability to let you connect to the CGI server from outside of our network. This is something we have looked into and in the future we may be able to allow SSH from outside, but at present this isn't possible.