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CGI Problem affecting PHPBB Users


CGI Problem affecting PHPBB Users

Hi all,

Can anyone please help me get my forum up and running again?

I had installed PHPBB in my cgi server space which has now been killed following the equipment failure at Plus.

I have checked the MySQL and the data tables are all in place so thats fine... my question is this, when i first made this forum i ran a script called install.php which made the tables.

As the tables are already made, I shouldnt need to run this again should I? can I simply upload all the scripts again apart from the install and contrib directories?

Does anyone know much about PHPBB and these sorts of questions?

Any help you can give will be appreciated
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CGI Problem affecting PHPBB Users


I will help you me
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CGI Problem affecting PHPBB Users

Perhaps Jules you would be willing to write an FAQ to perhaps sticky in the CGI and Scripting forum or add as a Tutorial?

Might save yourself, and everyone else, a substantial amount of writing.

Have you thought about becoming a Tutorial Team Member? Have a look at the Sticky in the Customer Feedback Forum.

config.php is the key

I too had problems - my cgi space was empty - but luckily I reloaded php (followed the tutorial on these pages) and uploaded an old config.php, I also managed to get another *test* forum working by editing config.php - the sql password (that is emailed to you) is encrypted in this file. you should be ok - if I can help, email and If I can help I will. - its taken me >5 hours to get up and running - still its only 1.38 am saturday morning - sleep if for wimps right? but at least I'm on the latest phpBB (v.14) now..... so something good did come of this.....

CGI Problem affecting PHPBB Users

I asked phpbb about this and got a quick reply: