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CAnt send emails from outlook


CAnt send emails from outlook

I cant seem to send emails from outlook.

Ive closed all my firewalls down as precaution...

Restarted my router...

Closed program and reopened it and still no luck

When i do a test account settings via the built in it shows success yet when i send personal email it wont send. Everytime i try and send/recieve it trys to send buyt cant seem to send and gives error about smtp. But thing here is i can send emails using the test account settings so thiers nothing wrong with smtp.

At present im not getting no error msgs but the mails just stay in the outbox folder. AS i get a msg ill post it up here but is thier anything i can do in the mean time.
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CAnt send emails from outlook

are you using norton internet security?

what mail settings have you got in outlook

have you deleted all the mail in the outbox and tried to send yourself one?
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CAnt send emails from outlook

Post the full error message you are getting.

CAnt send emails from outlook

My email settings to send email is

I have sygate firewall not norton. and ive closed sygate down but still no mails are sending

And regarding error msgs i am now not geting any. It jus keeps n tries to send every 1min but just cant seem to send and stays in the outbox.

Ve tried clearin the outbox n create a new one. but no luck