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But it is already 30:1?


But it is already 30:1?

Perhaps PN would like to comment on this snippet from the ADSLguide front page - in view of claiming that the new services offer this 30:1 contention as something NEW...

Also what difference does 30:1 make given that BT imposes 50:1 BEFORE PN's 30:1? Naively, I was thinking moving to Premier 2Mb 30:1 from Premier 1Mb 50:1 would help in online gaming - since my throughput for gaming is rotten (very laggy). Seems I had it anyway and it was still rotten. So, no point whatsoever in staying with PN. Prides itself on being honest... Well we all know the answer to that one.

Quoted from

As always we would urge caution when comparing service providers as each provider will try to market their services as the best. PlusNet is quoting the 30:1 contention figure in e-mails but from the e-mails we have seen it has not been made clear that this applies only to PlusNet's BT central pipe contention and this contention is not guaranteed throughout BT's network. This means that a user on the 30:1 service could well experience higher contention if virtual paths from their exchange are overloaded. PlusNet do mention this in the FAQ on their website, however we believe that using a headline figure in this way makes it more difficult and time consuming for consumers to compare services.

What PlusNet have not mentioned in the FAQ, is that they already run Premier services at 30:1 on the central pipe. Therefore, in our view this is nothing more than a marketing exercise which makes the product sound better than another quoted at 50:1 by other providers, which could possibly run at even lower central pipe contention. The only benefit to users will be PlusNet guaranteeing the central pipe contention as part of the service. Changing product ranges and associated terms with great frequency is not going to inspire confidence.

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But it is already 30:1?

Welldone !! digipix

This is exactly what potential customers and current members need to consider.
I think PN are not clarifying the difference.

You really need to dig further and then the only answer you can gain is from the short discription. right at the bottom of the page, i might add.

"PlusNet network contention and the BT contention ratio are different, but both apply to your connection. PlusNet network contention is the maximum contention you will experience on our broadband network, which helps you choose the most appropriate product. The BT contention ratio describes how many other broadband users you share with at your local telephone exchange."