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Business Providers Recommendations


Business Providers Recommendations

Hello all, I am sure this post will be closed very quickly so if you have any recommendations can you please send them via PM.

We have been with PN for three years and have found there service great, until last November, we require 2mb internet with no throttling on any ports with around 60gb per month usage.

Whilst PN say there is no throttling etc our speeds have decreased and I am sorry to say enough is enough.

Business Providers Recommendations

Hi there,

Rather than close this thread, I am concerned, as a fellow business customer, that you feel that your service is not what it should be.

Whilst not discussing other providers, could you outline your issues and concerns, purely for my own information and that of other customers.

Business Providers Recommendations

Hi pcsni

I don’t want to start raving about how badly we feel PN are managing there current network, but we experience severe slow downs right across the day on nearly all protocols, due to the changes and so called traffic management that does seem to affect everyone on PN's network we implemented our own network changes and now access vital services such as secured RDP/SSL tunnels across port 80 channels, purely due to the fact that port 80 seems to be the only stable port across PN.

This is not an ideal situation as we manage large networks for both commercial and also educational organisations. We need to ensure our connections can handle the workload we place upon them.

PN have been great, I say have because at minute there seems to be something seriously lacking in the way they manage or not manage information to its client base.

We have done all the speed tests and had bt engineers out to check our side the of connection, but just feel a bit let down by PN.

Business Providers Recommendations

Mmmh. This should not be happening. Easy to say I know.

Has this been investigated by CSC and if so what was their conclusion?

TBH, this is the second or third such report I have seen recently which is effecting business customers.

Business Providers Recommendations

Its a shame, for the most PN are stable and we always felt glad to have the backing of a good provider. If as you as say other business users are also starting to see the negaitive side of traffic management, then I sure I will not be the only business user that has concerns and is forced to look at other providers.
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Business Providers Recommendations

Just to check something - has exchange contention been eliminated?
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Business Providers Recommendations

Hmm... it is a shame. It seems an increasing number of people are slowly starting to see difficulties lately.

Personaly both my business and home account have been reasonabally ok. Never had a problem with the business 1. Had a few issues with the home 1 but nothiing major.

has CSC run you through the standard troubleshooting stuff?