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Business Product Refresh

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Registered: 04-04-2007

Business Product Refresh

Ok, we've talked about it for some time and now the moment is here.

We're kicking off the first phase of our business product refresh.

Phase 1 will involve further engagement with our business customers. We have taken on board the original feedback provided last summer and on previous occasions and now we wish to widen the debate.

Having launched the very successful Business Support Team as part of the first step in providing top quality service to businesses, we need to get your views, suggestions and requirements from future business products.

We would ask all of our business customers to visit this thread in the UserGroup forum, in an effort to engage with as wide an audience as possible.

Not only is this an opportunity for us to engage with a large section of our customer base, it is your opportunity to help shape and influence our future business products.

Your feedback is really valuable to us and we look forward to the discussion.

The UserGroup site requires registration prior to posting, but this is a very straightforward and quick procedure. The only point to note is that registration has to be from a PlusNet IP address, although once registered you can log on from anywhere.

Look forward to seeing you there.