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Business Homeworker package - experience good/bad?


Business Homeworker package - experience good/bad?

I have a friend who has a computer on dial-up in his home office. He wishes to upgrade to broadband. I wanted to ask what people's experience has been for the Business Homeworker package please.

Would he be forced to sign-up to a business package rather than a residential one?

He is currently using a Blueyonder cable telephone line. So he will have to transfer to a telephone line. Is your telephone service available in all areas (he is in Bradford)?

How can he check if he can keep the same telephone number - this is essential.

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blue yonder

He ought to ask about blueyonder cable as I lived in Bradford and had there cable internet for 7 years and never ever had a single problem, Started of on 512 and ended up on 4 meg for same price.( I belive that its now at 8 meg).
And if he has the phone most of the time the cable for it is already in the house so its dead easy to sort.