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Business Customers

Posts: 164
Registered: 06-08-2007

Business Customers

May I suggest that a percentage of Customer Support staff be trained specifically to deal with business customers' issues.
It has become clear to me during the past month that CS staff are primarily residential customer focused as is F9 in general.
This group of people should be trained to better understand the needs of businesses which can be substantially different from residential customers. eg Residential customers generally don't have more than one 'home' requiring Broadband as businesses often do.
Businesses need a greater degree of flexibility in their accounts which F9 only seems to offer after a great deal of ticket content in order to get the message across.

My recent 'issue' with f9 and broadband has hi-lighted this problem along with an apparent reluctance to READ THE F*****G TICKET.

Here's hoping my plea doesn't fall on deaf ears.