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Business Broadband


Business Broadband

I'm considering migrating across to PN on the Business broadband package. Can any other business customer give some background and share any experiences they have with their package? What is the speed like? Do you see any problems like the residential customers do?

Any advice will be appreciated before I commit to a 12 month contract!

no capping yet

ive had no caps put on my account as yet (not like prem plus accounts but how long will it take before there is) i dont know!

Business Broadband

Thanks for the comments.

I am slightly concerned over their frequent and crazy changes in T&Cs over the last few months.

I've now been looking to other supplier such as MetroNet to get the service I'm looking for and probably save loads of money ;-).


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Re: Business Broadband

Can any other business customer give some background and share any experiences they have with their package? What is the speed like? Do you see any problems like the residential customers do?

I have been on the Plusnet Business package for some time now
also have clients running on the same.

No one has complained as of yet
thay have vpn tunnels running 24/7 mail servers etc.
my son plays on line games and has not complained.

the only think I will say is this is the only package that PN have which is on a
BT contention on 20:1
all other business and residential packages are on a BT of 50:1
there for we see less of a squeeze in the evenings
but I think this is some times due to overloaded servers at there far end
not PNs network.

Hope this is on some help

Business Broadband

Well after reading all the discontent on this forum I decided to try some P2P downloads the other night and found the speed of the upload/download was very poor (5-8Kb up and less down). I don’t use P2P very much but as apparently my package is not meant to have any shaping/restrictions I found the speeds I was getting not acceptable.

I also found that when gaming (BF2) I got disconnected from servers quite a lot which has never happened before, and each time I got disconnected it said that there was a problem with my connection………. Which there wasn’t? Also I have noticed an increase in lag during online gaming again this never used to happen.

So imo what ever PN have done over the last few months has affected all BB packages and in my case it’s not down to contention as I am on 20:1 and like I have said I have never had any problems before.

I also have had my connection drop a few times and when rebooting my routers I have reconnected but with a totally different IP address and DNS servers. The IP, DNS and WAN gateway that I reconnected with all belong to BT not PN and this lasts for over an hour (again not acceptable especially when there’s been no prior notice), any ideas on why this is happening?? It never used to happen before….. Why now.

I pay more for my connection as I run my business from home and as such I need a business connection, but I expect that connection to do what it’s meant to do and not disconnect me for over and hour with no apparent reason.

So to sum it up business connections (or mine anyway) are also being affected by changes at PN and we pay more for the privilege.

I could go on but work calls.


Business Broadband

Thanks everyone.

Enough said ;-). Time to look elsewhere, me thinks.

It does sound like PN were pretty good until recently and now they are screwing themselves and their customers over with the way they are modifying their network.

I've looked at the network diagram and they don't seem to have big enough pipes going out of their network IMHO. All the other providers that have excellent ADSLGuide ratings have far higher capacities.

Business Broadband

I don't post much here. But im on the Plusnet Business premier 2mb package, and can happily say i have no problems with speeds no matter what im downloading. Since i signed with Plusnet in 2003 ive only had a few problems. The main one being the disconnects over the past few weeks, which have now been sorted. From what ive read and can see through personal use, the business package is not included in the SUP. I just hope it lasts.