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Business Broadband Down for 48 hours+


Business Broadband Down for 48 hours+

We have an PN ADSL Business account for which we pay £40pcm. This connection has been effectively down since Sunday and a fault raised (ticket 20603312).

After over 20 minutes on hold this morning I finally spoke to support to chase the fault to be told it is in the pool and there was no escalation available. We have offered in writing to pay any BT fee to get the line fixed and repaired and were told this is not an option.

During the call I provided new mobile contact details and left explicit instructions that if any further action was required on our part that I be telephoned so as not to leave the ticket waiting on my for another response.

I have just got home this evening, checked the ticket and found this posted at 14:09:

We would like to run tests on your line and need your modem or router turned on and left on. Please visit to let us know when you've done this. The customer was notified of this update via SMS.

Basically my instruction to call has been totally ignored by support and as such another 5 hours has been lost in a business critical fault. No SMS has been received. Even more annoying is that during the phone call this morning I confirmed that the router (not modem) is on and not synching.

How can Plus Net justify such rubbish, disjointed support and more importantly how can faults be escalated? Please help.

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Business Broadband Down for 48 hours+

Well I as most can relate to your problem, and you'd think with all the dissatisfied customers that have already left or about to leave the service would be a bit more reasonable. I have recommended 12 of my customers to this link:censored poor company and all have had problems in one way or another.
And its my company that has to apologise you stink.

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