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Bulldog Communications vs. BT


Bulldog Communications vs. BT

If the ISP simply resells the DSL products by BT Wholesale, wouldn't it be possible to re-sell the DSL products by

They are offering better than BT ADSL prices and products and I want them but don't want to change ISP otherwise I lose everything I have in place i.e. pop3 email, webspace etc.

Bulldog operates it's DSL network in Central London which means I might be within range to receive their services but I still want the +net extras.
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RE: Bulldog Communications vs. BT

Hi There,

We would certainly look at the offering from any other company in regard to broadband. At the moment (In my own opinion at any rate) Bulldog's coverage makes it dififcult for us to propose using them, however this could well change in the future.

With Regards,

Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support