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Bulk upgrade tool?


Bulk upgrade tool?

I heard this will be reinstated today and all propblems everyone is having should be fixed??

like my synch speed is around 5 but only getting 2mb when will get 5 download i reboot my router today and will it work or is it waiting game :roll:

Bulk upgrade tool?

I have rebooted a few times, still stuck at 1mb and sync is at 4mb.

Heh, really get tired of this now. I think we have to wait another few more days, and then probably another delay etc etc. Oh well :lol:
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Bulk upgrade tool?

There was a comment on another thread in this forum from PN staff hinting it may take a few days from today for RAMBO to do its thing. Maybe the '3 day' period has to elapse and new Delta Reports sent to ISP's to correct the profiles ...


Bulk upgrade tool?

Well I know my stable rate has gone down from 5000kbps to 4500kbps since last night.

Providing it doesnt slip anymore ill be fine lol.

Bulk upgrade tool?

Beginning to wonder how many of us may of been incorrectly profiled as robynfali was. And if so how do we find out and go about getting it sorted.

As far as I can see my line has just been capped at 1mb all month.. Getting bored of it all now and updates saying "it will be about 3 days for blah blah to update the blah blah" is a joke. I have been reading these replies for 6 weeks and no blah has updated blah here, its just a load of blinking-blah if you ask me.

Just glad I havent phoned for support, those waiting times seem to be really bad. I'd rather wait a few more week than have to sit there with a phone to my ear for 2 hours waiting for some kind of response. The response would probably be a silent one as usual anyway.

I just wish the people with problems could be updated accordingly and not have to post on the forum every time we want to know whats going on.

If you phone or raise a ticket saying your line is capped but your sync is booming along they tell you it takes 14 days for the line to stabalise.. Yeah, great reply apart from the fact I was connected to Max over a month ago lol

Blah blah blah Wink