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Bt Speed Limits

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Bt Speed Limits

On being moved onto DSLMax I thought great now I will be able to download at, possibly not the full 8mb claimed but at least over 6mb. To my horror I heve not been seeing speed much faster when on the 2mb package.
I contacted CS expecting my fault to be investigated. I ran the BT speed test as instructed and as the speed was still low I waited for my fault to be sent to BT.
I then received the following from CS "A breakdown of BT's acceptable speeds are as follows:-
For a line speed of 512kbps, a minimum of 100kbps is acceptable. For a line speed of 1Mb, a minimum of 200kbps is acceptable.
For a line speed of 2Mb or greater, a minimum of 400kbps is acceptable.
I thought that a typing error had been made and the 2mb or greater figure should be 4mb(ok you cannot have 4mb on 2mb line - so the bands should be changed). As my speed is more that 400kbps BT will not accept a fault request.

What is the point of advertising speeds above 2mb when BT insist that 400kbps is an accceptable speed!!!

Why do plusnet and the other ISPs accept these ridiculous figures, what customer wants to pay for 8mb and than accept as low as 400kbps. Although it is BT's fault it is Plusnet that has to deal with the customer's complaints.
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Bt Speed Limits

Because Plus and all other ISP's have no choice but to use BT. So BT can to a point do what ever they want.

Plus you have to take contention into consideration...