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Bt - Please improve my line


Bt - Please improve my line


I quite agree with you , as I am on the old Home Surf 512 on the Basingstoke exchange. I get slow ups and hangs , and that is just trying to get into Plusnet or web browsing. ADSL is not always on for me !! Admittedly this is not all the time , but does get very annoying when you really need it at certain times.


Bt - Please improve my line

Just recieved e-mail about changes / new speeds / prices. i got really excited (just for a moment) when i thought I might be able to get 2mb or maybe even 4mb! but alas. same old comments - if your line can take these speeds etc, etc.

My question is this 'When O when' is it likely that BT might do something about upgrading lines that, for no reason other than their distance from exchanges are unable to access these higher speeds.

I'm all for upgrading speeds but these announcments/improvements seem to only ever to benifit the same people.

What about a campaign to get BT to upgrade lines for us poor people stuck at 512 / 1mb