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Broken notification?

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Broken notification?

OK, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but Wink .....

It would seem that I have MaxDSL, but I was completely unaware of it. The connection seemed a bit slow this morning, so I decided to try to find out where the bottleneck was. First my ADSL router status page - and to my amazement, I'm sync'd @ 8192 Smiley

Hmmm, I wonder, did that happen overnight (I've been away for a few days, and haven't checked my connection for some time (had given up on the regrade happening anytime soon).

So, next step - check the BT order tracker - and to my further amazement the order was submitted and completed on May 3rd - 6 days ago!!!!

I have received no emails from Plusnet though, so it would seem that the notification system is in someway broken.

I'm becoming more suspicious by the day that Plusnet have some 'broken' accounts in the database. Some long standing customers (It's nearly 6 years for me) appear to have missed out on the original regrades that were supposed to have been based on how long they were with Plusnet, I seem to have a severely broken ticket record - tickets that are over 2 months old that say they have been actioned (they have), and will be removed automatically after 14 days, but are still listed as open, a VMU that reports I have used a total of something like 13GB in 36 hours (billing date was 8th), which is impossible and the individual breakdown reports a few hundred MBs and now no notification of my MaxDSL upgrade!!!

This isn't a complaint - just a suggestion that someone needs to investigate these problems, as they may be symptomatic of corrupted account data records? I’ve suggested this before, when the original regrade promises went TU, but no one seemed to take much notice. This all seems to be too much of a coincidence to me?

Regards, Neil

Broken notification?

My account at work was upgraded, and I never received any notification either.

All I received was the newsletter type thingy saying that it would be done in the next month, and the explanation of what to expect, since then - not a bean.

You may be right about an error (or is that the notification in question)
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Broken notification?

they know about the VMW usage problems...

i was same with maxdsl just noticed i was updated no email or anything....plusnet put this down to sometimes theres no chance to as they just get chance to put in more customers for update on day and do it. no warring and plusnet dont know till day that they can do it.

though a email after would still be nice

Broken notification?

Same thing with me, a friend of mine, also with and on the same exchange as me, noticed yesterday lunch time that he was now on 8Mb.

So when I got home I checked my modem, sure enough I too was on 8Mb although speed checks still showed 2Mb through put.

Did a reboot of my modem. Tried again and 600KB/s+ with FTP :-)

But no email? So how long could I have been using this extra speed!