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Broken Contact Us


Broken Contact Us

I'd be grateful if someone from PlusNet could read this please.

I've just gone through a lengthy wizard in attempt to report a connection
speed problem. At the end, there is a field to enter additional information
which I used to give a description of the problem.

When I click on "Continue" I get;


We were unable to complete your requested action. This may be the
result of a temporary fault.
Please try again in a few minutes.

Should you require further assistance, please go to our how to get in
touch page.


Which is very, very annoying. I've done it twice now and I ain't doing
it again.

My username is arnsbrae. I have no ticket number because your system
is broken. Would you please follow this up as I cannot log this through your

My comments at the end of the ticket were:

"I have been on Max for 20 days. I was on a 2MB account before.

My router has shown my connection as 5,800 with a SNR of 6db for
pretty much all of that time. After the "Training" period I was getting
results on the PlusNet speedtester of around 3,100 to 3,200. Not as fast as
I expected, but at least better than my prior 2MB connection.

However, this has now slowed to around 430 to 480 on both the PlusNet
speedtester and the BT test account. The result is very consistent and I am
NOT experiencing any random disconnections.

Your own wizard has confirmed that my exchange is operating below
capacity, so the problem is unlikely to be contention.
This would tie in with my own experience as I have always had good
results (full speed) on the PlusNet speedtester on my old 2MB account at any
time of the day.

I would really be expecting to see results over 5,000 according to my
router's figures.

What do you think about that?




Broken Contact Us

That happened to me.
I found that a ticket DOES get raised but it is "waiting for user completion" or some such guff. But of course, you can't complete it because the system is broken. Nor can you raise another ticket, because you have a broadband fault outstanding.

You can wait 48hrs at which point they close the ticket (hurrah! another one for our stats) and then try and raise a new one (which is what I did and at that point the system worked).

Gets my goat things like this.....