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BroadbandMax Speedtester broken?

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BroadbandMax Speedtester broken?

Suddenly it is showing speeds of around 1Mbps whereas, for the last two weeks it has not gone below 4Mbps.

This speed is also confirmed with

But the strange this is that when BroadBandMax is performing the download check the red dot goes across in a jerky movement and when checking the upload speed it gets to the 100% but then continues checking with the speed showing around 360kbps for about 10-15 seconds then suddenly finshes with a jump down to around 90-140kbps. reports just under 300kbps UL.

I am just within Level 1 Managemnt but that shouldn't affect the speedtesters?.

Any ideas why this could be happening with BroadbandMax?


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BroadbandMax Speedtester broken?

Looks like it's bust, has been very unreliable of late so everyone's probably shifted to BBMax and it's well maxing out.