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Broadband Premier +Home Phone cancellation


Broadband Premier +Home Phone cancellation


I have surprisingly decided to cancel my Plusnet Premier Account. I do not want any MAC address either.

I was left with £72 pounds charge of which deferred activation was £47 and £20 for home phone cancellation of which i had no idea of ... probably i did not read the T&C. But I cancelled my Home phone online through the member panel and it cost me £0. Can anybody explain this to me.

I have now asked Plusnet to cancel this one day later so that Homephone does not show on my account and I am not charged for it.

I have been a Plusnet member for over a year and shouldn't the deferred charges reduced by £10 each year Huh

Either the above are silly assumptions of a stupid user who never read through and understood all the T&C or there is some kind of confusion !!

Kindly help all..
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Broadband Premier +Home Phone cancellation


I've replied to your ticket for you, looks like it's broadband phone rather than Home Phone. There's a £20 cancellation fee on Home Phone but not on the Broadband Phone service you have. I've corrected this on your ticket.

The cancellation fee has been reduced, I've also noted this on the ticket.

Broadband Premier +Home Phone cancellation

Thank you very much ...