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Broadband Plus v PAYG


Broadband Plus v PAYG


Have just recently joined plusnet on the Broadband Plus package. I see there is now a 10gb PAYG option available. I was wondering if anyone is on this package and what sort of performance they are getting.

From reading through the forums there's obviously a lot of posts about traffic management (and/or restrictions) on the Broadband Plus and Premier Packages, but PAYG is hardly ever mentionned. Does this mean PAYG is free from all these measures?

I intend to use P2P occasionally, but not so much as to warrant using the Premier package. Does PAYG have reasonable download speeds at all times?

Also do all the packages have the same performance between midnight and 8 in the morning?

Sorry about all the questions - I tried reading through PN's traffic management pages, but to a relative newbie like me they were a bit confusing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Broadband Plus v PAYG

There is no specific user shaping on PAYG products. However, during peak times, p2p performance may suffer slightly in favour of latency sensitive applications like VoIP, gaming, web browsing etc...

The design of the product means that this slight slowdown at peak times should be minimal and PAYG should be the best performing product given that you pay for what you use.