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Broadband Plus - Usage Rules

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Broadband Plus - Usage Rules

Now that the changes to the Broadband Plus profiles on the Ellacoyas have been applied, can PlusNet please tell us what are the RULES for usage and speed being applied to our accounts.

I have read that P2P speeds will decrease as usage increases during a charging month. What are the threshholds for speed reduction and in what steps (throttled speed) will apply at each threshhold.

Can we have the same detail for Usenet and FTP usage. Also indicate whether the threshholds are related i.e is the total of P2P, Usenet and FTP significant to the throttling threshholds.

Your customers need this information to decide whether they are on the right product for their usage. Much of this data is know for the Premier product. Please don't hide this from your BB+ customers.

P.S. Plea to the Mods: Please keep this thread on topic.
Posts: 886
Registered: 03-08-2007

Broadband Plus - Usage Rules


Come on PlusNet.... even an interim reply would be good.
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Broadband Plus - Usage Rules

There are no rules on usage on Broadband Plus. We manage the connection so usage is not a worry. With some users we have had to manage this a little more than others to bring their usage back in line with the product design.
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Broadband Plus - Usage Rules

So what is the product design usage?
Or to put it another way, what is the designed usage of the product?
or to put it another way, how many GB can be used by a BB+ user before they have to be managed a little more than other users of the same product?
Or to put it another way, what are the usage levels on BB+ above which a user is subject to special management involving use of a static IP?
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Plusnet Staff
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Broadband Plus - Usage Rules


In reality Broadband Plus is designed as an entry level broadband account, or account designed for light usage customer.

Unfortunately some customers use it as a premium broadband account and bypass the designs by different measures.

The difference between Broadband Plus and Premier (and PAYG) is clear in the product descriptions as is the difference between the bandwidth allocations.

Broadband Plus - Usage Rules

Its still all a bit vague though. I can understand why plus users want a bit more clarity on what kind of usage requires the extra management. It seems a bit unfair to say people are using beyond the design and then not give specefics about how they are doing this.
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Broadband Plus - Usage Rules

2GB with full speeds on all protocols at all times costs £15.99. So BB+ at £14.99 is obviously going to give you less that.

What they have said is that http and email will be full speed for much more than 2GB on BB+.

Does that give you a clue as to how it is supposed to be used?
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