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Broadband Max Download speed


Broadband Max Download speed

I know that download speeds are now rather a boring subject(!), but can someone please explain the following for me. Though I live 2 miles only from my exchange, my connection speed prior to 'Broadband Max (up to 8mg.)' was about 1.2 only.
When 'Broadband Max' was introduced for me a month ago, it lept to a fantastic 3.4 for about 48 hours. Since then it has steadily dropped, and has now leveled at 1.7 maximum. (It often registers at 1.4).
It seems to me that the introduction of Broadband Max has made hardly a huge permanent difference. (Clearly a significant increase in speed has been possible, but has not been maintained.) Why is this, and what is going to be done about it please?
My regards, Peter.

Re: Broadband Max Download speed


Within the first 10 days of a new connection on MaxDsl, the line will speed up and slow down, to find your stable speed. It looks likely that when your line was up at 3.4mb that the line may have been un-stable and kept disconnecting.

If you feel you should get a better speed, disconnect your modem from the line every day for 3 days, this should re-test your line, and may find a better speed for you.

Broadband Max speeds

Thank you for the suggestion, Jeremy. I'll give it a go.