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Broadband Fault


Broadband Fault

:x !

Broadband cut off at 2am (discovered at 8am)
fault logged with plusnet stating allow 2 hours to run tests... still waiting for results!!

No feedback at all from
Not impressed

posting this using mobile dialup at my expense
tried phoning but in excess of an hour wait

See below:

Question topic: Your question | ID: 19972147 Open
Your original question 10:33am, Thursday 3rd August 2006
Broadband Fault Checker - Initial checks [ Completed ]

All initial checks have been completed without finding any problems. You now need to visit the Broadband Faults Checker and complete a number of detailed checks to progress your fault further. Please make sure you do this within the next 48 hours, otherwise your Question will close and your fault won't be checked anymore.

Your comment 10:39am, Thursday 3rd August 2006
Broadband Fault Checker - Detailed checks [ Completed ]

All questions have been completed by the user.

Your comment 10:40am, Thursday 3rd August 2006
The customer has provided the following contact details for the duration of the fault.

Daytime telephone number: ON TICKET

Evening telephone number: ON TICKET

Email address: ON TICKET

Additional contact info: best contact is via email as I have blackberry

Your comment 10:40am, Thursday 3rd August 2006
Broadband Fault Checker - Connection checks [ In progress ]

The tests on your broadband connection have now started. Please check this Question in about two hours to see the results of the tests.

Your comment 12:56pm, Thursday 3rd August 2006
Any updates as yet?

Your comment 3:42pm, Thursday 3rd August 2006
Now 3 hours overdue on the tests...
Would appreciate an update

Your comment 5:35pm, Thursday 3rd August 2006
5 hours overdue

Moderators note by John (johnessex) Title adjusted so as not to activate the swear filter

Broadband Fault

I wouldn't bother checking back for at least a week. Sad

Broadband Fault

I raised a ticket about my drop out problems at 2.08pm, the previous ticket had been closed after my connection was made interleaving. (Without an answer from PN)
I am still waitng for the "2 hour" test results as well.
I have reluctantly asked for my mac code, the sync problems may well not be PN's fault but at least with another isp I may be able to speak to a human being.

Broadband Fault

very poor service...
still no reply despite this posting
still queues on phones whilst Im paying for internet
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Broadband Fault

The same thing for me. If they cannot complete the tests in the two hours they state why mention it at all.

Are these automatic? If not there is no way they could do it in the tim they state.

So - if anyone at +Net is interested, can they explain what the delay is on these tests.

24 hours later....

still no response from Plusnet...
No test results - only over 20 hours late!

maybe they have gone with the 700gb of emails :-)
seriously though this is getting silly