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Broadband Calls Usage??


Broadband Calls Usage??

Just checked my friends account for them, and noticed that it now says under the vmu tool what bandwidth has been used for each protocol

does anyone know what the broadband calls usage is for, is it for the plustalk facility

if is it, then how can this be using bandwidth if it's not being used and plustalk hasn't even been activated through the menu options

can anyone enlighten me on this


Broadband Calls Usage??

Same here

Broadband Calls Usage??

I too have lots of traffic under broadband calls and I do not use plustalk.

However, I do use Skype (although I don't actualy make many calls on it at all, use it for occasional text chats actually.)

I show quite a lot of data for broadband calls though, which is odd as I don't really make many calls. The numbers do seem too high.

However, with Skype it is a p2p network so that is lots of idle chatter traffic when you are connected. With the skype system it is actually possible for you to end up relaying someone elses call to another skype user, thats the way the system is actaully designed to work through firewalls etc.

Yahoo messanger and possibly MSN messanger, (the newest versions) I think also make use of SIP protocols (SIP is a kind of Voip protocol) so if you are logged on to these there is idle chatter keep alive traffic for that too. Maybe that shows up as broadband calls?

Or it could just be people are port scanning or sending junk that looks a bit like Voip traffic to your connection.
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Broadband Calls Usage??

If the usage is only in the tens of megabytes then it will be background noise anything more than that then it will be measuring some VoIP service, plustalk etc...

Skype almost certainly wont be one of them, from what I understand it is almost impossible to track from a network management point of view and will probably show up as general web traffic.

Broadband Calls Usage??

Broadband phonecalls

peak usage 135.68MB
off peak usage 32.65MB
total usuage 168.33MB

and they don't use skype or plustalk,

Broadband Calls Usage??

Skype almost certainly wont be one of them, from what I understand it is almost impossible to track from a network management point of view and will probably show up as general web traffic.

skype is indeed on a random port (as well as port 80 or 443 sometimes) and is encrypted. I agree that I have no idea how this would be marked as Voip or tracked using statefull packet inspection.

If it is impossible to track, then it means skype won't be on the top VoIP traffic managment queue, This is one problem with traffic management. This could explain the poor call quality I have recently experienced. Perhaps it ends up on a very low priority?

However, if skype doesn't show up as "broadband calls" this means that for me 500Mb of traffic marked as broadband calls (in a two week period) comes from no where eg is unaccounted for. As I don't use plus talk or any other Voip at all.

Since my overall usage is the same as before (before traffic was split into catagories) I assume that this is other traffic incorreclty marked as Broadband calls.

Broadband Calls Usage??

One thing about SkyPE that could be the answer is that if you're firewall permits incoming connections direct to SkyPE and you have sufficient bandwidth (and you probably do) - then SkyPE may automatically switch your machine to be a SkyPE supernode.

Now in theory, it'll only use a small amount of bandwidth. But that might account for the usage your are seeing on the VMBU.

Of course, if you haven't got SkyPE installed, nor PlusTalk - then it might just be the random number generator portion of the VMBU kicking in again.

And no, you can't switch SkyPE supernodes off (although you can switch off the firewall rules, although you might get a poorer quality of service).

Also, I believe the port number isn't the final answer for the VMBU's analysis of traffic. As a test, I used a P2P client with the port number set to be the same as Unreal Tournament - VMBU still recorded it as P2P traffic.